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What should be my age in order to be able to rent a car?

In all cases, the minimum age is 23, however, to be covered by a comprehensive insurance policy you have to be 25. In both cases, you have to have a held a valid driving licence for at least 2 years. For certain top of the range models and family cars, you have to be 28 years old and have had your licence for 3 years. If you have any doubts, please ask about your specific case.


Is it necessary to have had a full driving license for a certain period of time before the rental?

You must have had your driving licence for at least 2 years to be able to hire a vehicle. For certain top of the range models and family cars, such as sports cars or jeeps, you need to have had it for 3 years.


Who is allowed to drive the vehicle that I am renting?

The rented vehicle can only be driven by the person signing the rental agreement or the one specified in the agreement as additional driver. In case of emergency any driver meeting the two previous requirements can drive the vehicle. In such a case, the driver should inform immediately the renting company.


Can I lend the vehicle to friends or relatives?

Lending the vehicle to friends or relatives is completely forbidden. You can not lend the rented vehicle by any means. Non compliance to this clause shall invalidate the existing contract and allow Alfa Jet S.A. to take the vehicle away without previous warning, even though technically privately owned by the tenant, and all direct or indirect consecuences and responsabilities of this action shall be declined by the lessor.

What is the policy on off-road driving?

The use of the vehicle outside of official roads is not permitted, not even if the vehicle is an all-roader. This, of course, includes the roads that are not paved. In any case, in order to drive off-road, a special permit provided by the rental company is needed. If the customer does not respect this clause of the contract, the personal accident insurance both for the driver and passengers, as well as the CDW  is automatically void, and being the Hirer (Client ) responsable for all damages caused to the hired vehicle.

Can I take the rented vehicle outside of the island where I have rented it?

Yes, you can. Although you will need a special written permit provided by the rental company. The use of the vehicle outside Spain is under no circunstances allowed: totally forbidden.


What should I do if I want to extend a rental agreement?

You should always notify the rental company at least 48 hours before the end of your contract. You can notify it either by phone or personally to any of our offices. Alfa-Jet then will inform you about current special fees and about what procedures you should follow if you want to extend the agreement. Further extension of the contract of hire shall be subject to vehicle availability. Non compliance to this clause shall allow Alfa Jet S.A. to take legal action against the hirer and specifically to take the hired vehicle away without further warning.

Alfa Jet S.A. shall decline all responsabilities or damages to the hirer ( Client ) derived from this action.


What would happen if I could not deliver the car at the time agreed on?

It is all right if you notify it at least 24 hours in advance to any of our offices. In case of not being able to do so you’ll still have a 2-hour frame (after the time your agreement ends) in order to contact us. Once this 2-hour period expires, new rental days are counted according to what is specified in the rental agreement. Please try to avoid this situation so that we can have everything planned in advance and work for a good performance of our service. This sort of situations may be very unpleasant both for us and for our customers.


What would happen if I needed to cancel my renting agreement beforehand?

Each case will be studied separately. But you should know that normally there is a penalisation of a three days rental fee. The rest of the amount is refunded to the customer.


Who pays for the fuel?

The customer is always the one who pays for the fuel and he or she should deliver the vehicle in the same conditions in which he or she collected it, or according to what had been agreed on. In any case, the company does not refund the money of the fuel that has not been used.


Is it possible to install a child safety seat or a luggage rack?

Yes, of course! But please ask for them in advance. They may be very useful for you and their prices are very reasonable. Remember that the use of homologated specific seating arrangements for children is required by Law. Alfa Jet provides such arrangements, but not the fixing to the vehicle of such seating, being this the total responsability of the client. Alfa Jet shall decline all responsabilities derived from bad use, fixing or malfunctioning of such seating arrangements being the vehicle hirer soleley responsable for these such actions. For technical reasons not all vehicles can be fitted with roof racks : please consult model availability.


Airport services?

It is our basic service and always with previous booking.

We provide airport services, wich one is our Star Service, free of charge between 07,30 a.m. and 9 p.m. You should always notify us if you intend to make use of our airport delivery service when making the reservation. If you wish to benefit from this service outside of this timetable, it is at an additional cost: check out our current fees. The parking expenses at the airport run at the customer’s expense, although they are normally very small amounts of money: between 0,20.- EUR. and max. 7,00.- EUR. all in all.


In case I have rented a vehicle directly from an office, is it possible to deliver it at the airport?

Yes, of course! This is always possible if the rental exceeds a minimum of five days (or less in special cases). Ask our attendants what to do.


What procedures do I have to follow in order to deliver the car at the airport?

Although our stewardesses will personally advise you of the correct procedure, in case of emergency always take the vehicle to the Palma Airport Car Park and leave it on the 4th   floor ( or 3rd floor if 4th is full or closed ).

Do not forget to leave the parking ticket and vehicle keys inside the car boot and ensure all doors are locked.

Inmediately contact us to notify changes and if possible from the same terminal.

A small charge will be made for Airport taxes and parking fee.( Except when already contracted out in the original agreement).


Where do I collect the car at the airport?

You should have always asked for our delivery service at the airport when making the reservation. And then proceed according to the following instructions:
Palma de Mallorca airport: At the Parking Meeting Point: Leave The Terminal and proced to the Parking Bulding located just in front. Take lift to the 4th floor. Look for the desk from Alfa Jet car hire. An Alfa-Jet hostess is going to be waiting for you with an Alfa Jet  sign and the logo of our company. Contact her as soon as possible. In case of delay or other problems, we are going to appreciate it if you contact us as soon as possible.Please See mobil phone´s at the booking voucher.



What should I do if I have an accident?

First of all, stay calm and analyse the situation. In case of a minor accident, give your name and other relevant information to the other driver involved. Do not forget to give Alfa-Jet’s phone numbers. Please do note down the other party’s relevant information as well: numberplate, model of car, name and phone number of the driver, as well as the place of the collision: road or name of the street. Give all of this information immediately to one of our offices (maximum in 24 hours after the accident). We are going to help you as much as we can. In case of doubt do not plead guilty or sign any accident forms unless the situation is very clear. In case of a serious accident, contact the police immediately or call to emergency-telf.: 112  and give them Alfa-Jet’s phone numbers , wich one´s staying at the rental agreement. The police will help as much as possible and will tell you how to proceed.


Will the company provide me with another vehicle in case of an accident?

Yes, of course! Unless the accident has been your fault. In that case the company can not provide you with another vehicle automatically and will study each case separately. In any other case, we are going to do our best so that you do not lose any time.


What should I do if medical aid would be needed?

Go to the closest emergency phone. There are various agreements with most of the hospitals in the islands, and in any case you can always count on our insurance policies. Do not hesitate to call us in such cases.



What sort of insurance policies are included in the fee?

It is specified in each case, but our fees include the comprehensive insurance protection and the Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)(both for the driver and passengers) , also in most of cases a CDW protection is included. The personal accident insurance for passengers is limited to the amounts according to the current insurance policy. Therd party insurance cover unlimited damage to them/this..If you wish to have more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Is it possible to get a CDW insurance? Damage to own vehicle?

In most of the cases CDW it is included in the fee. Otherwise, it is specified in the vehicle you are renting the extra amount of money you need to pay in order to get this kind of insurance.  Ask about  the excess on insurance cover for each particular vehicle model. Motorbikes do not have this personal accident insurance and it is not possible to get it either: No CDW or Super-CDW is available for Motorbikes: sorry for that. Attention: The CDW cover is not insurance, it is extra proteccion provided by Alfa Jet S.A. as an added value service.


Does the collision damage waiver cover the wheel damages?

Punctures, damage to the wheels due to negligent driving or contravention of traffic regulations, such as driving onto the pavement and damaging the rims, driving off-road, etc. are not included therein. If you should have a normal traffic accident, damage to the wheels and tyres is included.


Does the collision damage waiver cover wheel patches?

No, they are not. Patches are needed as a consequence of a normal use of the vehicle and they can not be covered by the insurance policy. Nevertheless, the repairing of a normal patch is extremely cheap. In case of damage to tyres the cost of repair depends on the vehicle , normally from 30 euros.



Does the collision damage waiver cover the breaking of any window or shield?

Yes, the windows or shield are covered by the CDW. Yes, windows are included  on CDW or Super CDW, except for negligence or voluntary breakage; please leave nothing inside the vehicle like bags or cases, they will draw the attention of potential thieves.



What about the personal belongings? Does the collision damage waiver cover them in case they are stolen or somehow damaged in case of the car being broken into?

No, the collision damage waiver does not cover personal belongings. Therefore, please do not leave anything in the vehicle.

As this is an open section, there could be a lot more questions being asked and answered. If you have a question that does not appear in this section, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are going to be happy to help you and to modify this section little by little and thanks to you. We are very grateful for your valuable help.