Our Philosophie

After many years of work and experience our emblem is: “The highest quality at the best possible price”.

With this sentence we tried to resume our daily job and the way all our efforts are headed: to be able to provide the best service always within adjustable economic standards. With this we are aware that we are not the cheapest company in the market but we definitely are a company that has the best relation between quality and price that, in the end, is what counts: or does not the tranquility of being well assisted by qualified professionals have a price?. In consequence we are always willing to study the offers and necessities of each particular client: please, do not hesitate in contact us for your transportation needs, we will be pleased to help you.


It should be highlighted that we do not  get involve with those incredible, very fashionable projects from the Internet which offer a cars rental only an (1) Euro a Day!!!!!! Lets face it: nobody gives anything for free, and our experience with clients that had the misfortune of hiring those offers proves us right: abandoned clients in Airports with no one to pick them up, without contact telephones or addresses……and other endless misfortunes: Be careful, always check the facts of the company that offers the service, check for: Telephones, real addresses, etc. whether it is registered in a Mercantile Registration, etc.

Finally, we believe in the new technologies as a medium to bring the direct suppliers nearer to you, not to a middleman who is only trying to reduce the price, the quality and service but not his sales commission. Alfa Jet S.A. is a  direct rent a car: we are nobody’s middleman, we are the ones who will attend you in reality when You arrive to Mallorca: is there a better guarantee? This is why we are constantly investing in New Technologies and we are the pioneers in Mallorca in the use of Internet for Pymes (Small and Medium Companies), we have been using it for many years and that endorses us as a serious company.

Do not doubt it: a group of motivated professionals will be pleased to attend you, so, in Mallorca: Alfa Jet Rent a car, your best choice”.