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The site owner is the Alfa Jet rent a car S.A. trading company with business address at C/. Es Través, 25 del Pto. Sóller ( Majorca ) Balearic Islands. Post Code 07108  Spain, with the following e-mail address: and International Tax ID Code ESA-07217391.

Alfa Jet rent a car S.A. is listed on the Companies Register of the Balearic Islands Companies Book, Volume 889, Book 0, Sheet 146, Section 8, Page PM 4092, 7th registration.

Alfa Jet rent a car holds an administrative authorisation as anticipated under Act 16/1987 of 30 July on Ground Transport and Royal Decree 1211/1990 of 28 September (authorisation number 10067367-1 from the Government of the Balearic Islands) authorising it for the provision of vehicle rental services. Please, be careful for Companys in Internet with out this legal and official numbers.

Use of the site as a means by which Alfa Jet rent a car S.A offers its services over the Internet is listed on the Companies Register of the Balearic Islands as shown on the certificate issued for that purpose by the aforementioned Register. Alfa Jet rent a car S.A. is the final owner of the present website and its content, and all industrial and intellectual property rights pertain to Alfa Jet rent a car S.A. The reproduction, copying, public communication, distribution, transformation or modification of the elements of this website is strictly prohibited, as is breach of any other right that may be protected under industrial or intellectual property laws, unless expressly authorised by Alfa Jet rent a car S.A. or legally permitted. Breach of any of the abovementioned rights may constitute a crime punishable in accordance with articles 270 and following of the Penal Code.

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Data Protection

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Alfa Jet rent a car S.A. reserves the right to cancel reservations and deny access to the website without previous notice in the event of any of the abovementioned activities and to take the legal steps considered appropriate.


Changes to the website

Changes may be made at any time without previous notice, including improvements or changes to information, services, products and other website elements, as well as changes to the present Legal Notice.

Alfa jet rent a car S.A. reserves the right to interrupt access to the website and the provision of any of the services provided therein at any time and without previous notice, whether for technical, security, control or maintenance reasons, faults in the electricity supply or for any other cause. Such an interruption may have a temporary or definitive nature, depending on the technical matters involved.

Alfa Jet rent a car S.A. therefore cannot guarantee the indefinite continuity of its website or the services provided therein. Users therefore may not hold Alfa Jet rent a car S.A. responsible in this regard.


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Limit of Liability


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