Tourism in Soller

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Mallorca is a popular tourist destination, but many people don’t visit the rugged and beautiful north west coast. Here a ring of hills surround the small town of Soller, just under two miles inland from the Port de Soller, which is located on the edge of a stunning turquoise bay. There are two beautiful beaches nearby, Es Traves and Ca’n Repic, for people who want to bathe in the ocean or just relax on the white sand.

A tram known as the Orange Express runs from Port de Soller to Soller, and takes a scenic route that passes through many orange groves. Soller itself features some remarkable architecture, including historic houses that are over three hundred years old, and the Church of Saint Bartholomew, which originally dated from the thirteenth century, but has been largely rebuilt in the baroque and modern style. Other attractions include a botanical garden, The Museum of Balearic Natural Sciences, and a folklore festival that lasts for a week every July. Most important local holiday day is “ Es Firó” on second Monday May each year.

Soller is connected to the Mallorcan capital of Palma by a train that traverses a ninety year old route and features vintage brass and mahogany carriages. There is also a mountain road, and both of these options feature stunning scenery along the way. In under an hour of travelling, you can leave the busy city of Palma behind and be in this sleepy and isolated region caught between the hills and the sea. In Soller, you can take a walking tour through streets that are of Islamic origin, and stop in one of the many cafes or visit the covered market. You can also use the town as a base to strike out for hiking trips into the mountains. Nearby are two small villages, Fornalutx and Biniaraix, in which you can experience a traditional and leisurely Mallorcan way of life that has largely been lost in many of the more popular tourist regions of the island.

Soller and the surrounding villages and hills feature a little bit of something for everyone, away from the bustle of Palma. There are beautiful neighbourhoods for those who enjoy exploring towns, and rugged hills for those who enjoy hiking. those who want to unwind on the beach, Port de Soller is a perfect destination. It’s no accident that tourism to this part of Mallorca has been increasing, but it is still something of hidden gem on this Balearic island.