Happy Rent Card

 Dear customer,

The programme “Happy-rent card” has started working as a result of our daily efforts towards the improvement of our services for all of our clients.

Some of you may wonder what this programme is about and what advantages it may offer.

Well, the programme “Happy-rent card” is our fidelity costumer program a new “VIP card”, as they are called nowadays. Such programme offers you the privilege of belonging to our club for best customers.

Nevertheless, the “Happy-rent card” is not a credit card and therefore it does not cost you any money and does not oblige you to do anything. On the contrary, Happy-rent card is completely free of charge and will give you access to new, exclusive and tailor-made services.

First of all, we are happy to tell you that in order to welcome you to our club, we offer you a 5% discount in all our airport delivery fees in Palma de Mallorca in all rentals for more than five days. And this is going to be offered to you only when you apply for the “Happy-rent card” ad the beginning your second rental period with Alfa Jet.

You will also have advantages when reserving your car. As a member of our club for best customers you will be given preference over any other reservation.

The programme “Happy-rent card” will entitle you to benefit from the most favourable deals as far as fees are concerned. You will also be offered special discounts and limited offers that you are going to know about thanks to our web site.

You will also be given a preferential treatment in all your deals with our company.

These are some of the many advantages that we hope to offer you very soon thanks to your help and valuable suggestions. You may already enjoy the advantages mentioned above simply by applying for our “Happy-rent card”. A whole world full of various advantages is waiting for you at your first experience with Us.

Remember that the “Happy-rent card” is completely free of charge and does not have any additional costs. So the best you could do is APPLY FOR IT RIGHT NOW. And do not hesitate to recommend it to your friends and colleagues, they will be grateful to you. Rely on Alfa-Jet, your friendly company.

“Happy-rent card”

     If you are already a member of the Happy-rent card club, do not forget to provide your personal number to our secretaries when dealing with our company.